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Dean Gordon Guitars

Custom Mirus

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This is a custom guitar made to order, We will contact you within one to three days to discuss detailed specifications. The price of ($3,600 USD ) represents the base model pricing and will be modified based on your selected options. 

We will not charge you until a final price is agreed on. You can also contact us via our contact page for more information.

The Mirus has a deep-set neck pocket that makes the guitar more ergonomic and comfortable.Its bolt-on neck with two extra mounting screws emulates a set neck, allowing for greater resonance. This single-cut design makes the Mirus a solid all around player and the more vintage feeling of our modern models.


  • -Six and seven string configurations
  • -25.5" scale standard
  • -Six point neck mounting for added sustain and stability
  • -Aircraft-grade aluminum lower bout
  • -Premium tonewood options
  • -Stainless steel frets
  • -Full, semi, and flat top carve choices
  • -Wide range of hardware and electronics
  • -Extensive finish options