• Specifications

    -Six and seven string configurations

    -25.5" and 27" scale standard

    -Six point neck mounting for added sustain and stability

    -Aircraft-grade aluminum lower bout

    -Premium tonewood options

    -Stainless steel frets

    -Full, semi, and flat top carve choices

    -Wide range of hardware and electronics

    -Extensive finish options

  • Inspiration

    The Mirus has a deep-set neck pocket that makes the guitar more ergonomic and comfortable.Its bolt-on neck with two extra mounting screws emulates a set neck, allowing for greater resonance. This single-cut design makes the Mirus a solid all around player and the more vintage feeling of our modern models.

Headless Variant

Take ergonomic feel over the top.

  • Flat-Top

    A no carve flat style but can accommodate a figured wood drop top. A slight arm bevel is added for comfort.

  • Semi-Carve

    The same thickness as flat top with graceful semi carves to add depth for figured wood tops and added comfort.

  • Full-Carve

    Our most extreme carve, beautiful lines, added comfort and reduced weight. This carve is not offered with figured tops.

Starting at $3600

All of our guitars are one of a kind - we consult with our clients to craft their ideal dream guitar.

Most features are customizable and we encourage customers to contact us to discuss their ideas. We often draw inspiration from collectible timepieces and high-end automobiles.

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