Super T

  • Specifications

    -25.5" Scale Standard

    -Stiletto ergonomic heel

    -Thin body construction

    -Premium tonewood options

    -Stainless steel frets

    -Wide range of hardware and electronics

    -Extensive finish options

  • Inspiration

    The SuperT is the Dean Gordon take on the guitar world's most traditional design, the Telecaster. Built with a thin body and our "Stiletto" high heel for an ergonomic feel, This design has a key element we like to apply to all of our models the feel of your most loved guitars wrapped in a modern package.

Starting price $2250

All of our guitars are one of a kind - we consult with our clients to craft their ideal dream guitar.

Most features are customizable and we encourage customers to contact us to discuss their ideas. We often draw inspiration from collectible timepieces and high-end automobiles.

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